Low Fat Cottage Cheese: Healthy Food Worth Eating

Low Fat Cottage Cheese Health Benefits

Food Name:Cottage Cheese
Food Group:Dairy (Protein)
Serving Size:1/2 cups


Why eat it:

If you are trying to lose weight or eat healthier look no further than low-fat cottage cheese. Cottage cheese is made by adding vinegar or some other lactic starter to milk until it curds. The excess whey is drained not pressed like most cheeses so that it maintains a lot of moisture.

Low fat cottage cheese health benefits start with its high protein and low fat content which make it an excellent snack. Unlike most cheeses, cottage cheese has very little fat. A half a cup is only 81 calories but it has fourteen grams of protein and only one gram of fat. It also has several key vitamins and minerals including almost one-third of the daily recommended amount of vitamin B12.

Eat it for breakfast as beginning your day with protein is an excellent way to lower the amount you eat for the rest of it and it will give you energy without the late morning doldrums. Or eat it as a mid-morning or mid-afternoon snack. If the taste is too dull or not to your liking, add some fruit.