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Hot Dogs: Foods You May Wa ...
Post by: Gregg Ghelfi | December 3, 2012 | Food and Drinks, Foods to Avoid

Hot Dogs: Foods You May Want To Avoid

Eat Hot Dogs At Your Own Risk

Food Name: Hot Dog
Food Group: Pork
Serving Size: One
Calories 204

Why It’s Bad:

As a ballpark staple, hot dogs are on the list of America’s favorite foods. Who wouldn’t want undefined parts of a cow or pig ground down, shoved into tube and pre-cooked with lots of salt? Actually, lots of people want them. They are popular at sporting events, cookouts and barbeques. They are eaten with beans, ketchup, mustard, relish and any other condiment you can think of.

Unfortunately even before you get to the bun and condiments, hot dogs contain over 160 calories in fat and over 50 calories in saturated fat. One hot dog has over one-third of your daily recommended sodium content. Add a bun, mayo or chili-cheese and you can triple the calories and the nutritional bleakness. That’s a lot of calories for meat of unspecified substance.

Why avoid it:

It may taste good but it offers little nutritional value. But if you do it eat, limit the calorie containing contents.

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