Order or Don’t Order at Pita Jungle

What to Order and not Order at Pita Jungle

Eating at restaurants is intimidating if you are trying to lose weight. Restaurants are full of high calorie choices that look appetizing. This makes it difficult to order a healthy meal. But every restaurant has foods that are low in calories; you just have to look for them. Below is an item you can order at Pita Jungle and one that you may want to avoid.

Order:Chicken Del Sol without the Pita Crisps
Don’t Order:Beef Gyro Wrap


Pita Jungle is one of the few restaurants where you will not find meals over 1,000 calories. But the Beef Gyro wrap is close. And with twenty-two grams of saturated fat, it is a food to avoid. The Chicken Del Sol without the Pita Crisps is an excellent choice. It has black beans and is a great source of protein with very little saturated fat. If you add the Pita Crisps, you add 180 calories.